Vegetation and Pest Control

Vegetation Control

The County of Orange vegetation maintenance program includes pesticide applications to manage, reduce, and control the growth of vegetation. The County uses an Integrated Pest Management Program and Best Management Practices (BMP) that consider all alternatives and methods available before proceeding with pesticide applications. When vegetation control is deemed necessary, the County will determine whether the work should be accomplished by hand crews, heavy equipment, pesticide applications, or a combination of available resources. Each site will be inspected to determine need prior to any pesticide applications. The County will use the least intrusive methods and products available when pesticide applications are determined to be needed.

The use of pesticides as part of a vegetation control program shall be in accordance with approved practices. Only EPA approved and registered materials shall be prescribed for vegetation control applications. The County's use of any pesticide products will be consistent with all EPA registered product label instructions, and any Use Permits issued by the Agricultural Commissioner. All persons applying products will be licensed by the Department of Pesticide Regulations (DPR) and all usage will be reported to the Agricultural Commissioner. All aquatic pesticide use will be in compliance with the County's Aquatic Pesticide NPDES Permit Monitoring Plan. The Monitoring Plan has been conceived to comply with all requirements of the State Water Resources Control Board's Aquatic Pesticide NPDES Permit, the Clean Water Act, the EPA and the CDPR.

The County evaluates non-toxic and less toxic control measures that may provide a practical substitute for pesticide applications. The County evaluates BMPs that may include alternative control options and procedures. When pesticide applications are recommended, the County has made the determination that there are no feasible alternatives to the selected pest management measures.

All County pest control operations are on County owned or contracted properties. No control measures are taken by the County on privately owned properties.

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Pest Control


The County of Orange Operations & Maintenance controls bee populations on County owned property. No control measures are taken by the County's O&M crews on privately owned properties. Please visit the County Vector Control District website for more official Africanized Honey Bee information.



The County maintains flood control facilities in a "weed free" condition in order to see burrowing rodents that may compromise the integrity of the flood control facility. Once established, burrowing rodents can cause voids in raised levees that can rupture during high water flows, flooding adjacent properties. In park settings, burrowing rodents create holes that can cause personal injury and create a danger to the public. For this reason, The County of Orange Operations and Maintenance controls the populations of burrowing rodents in County flood control facilities and other County properties. For control of rats, please contact the County Vector Control District website or call 714-971-2421.

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