The Engineering Support Section of the Operations and Maintenance Division provides engineering services and support to the maintenance functions of the division. These services include providing recommendations for maintaining and improving a variety of Operations And Maintenance facilities including streets, sidewalks, and curbs and gutters access ramps, sidewalk, channels and culverts, bridges, trails and park facilities. The section is responsible for maintaining inventories of the pavement condition using the OCPMS (Orange County Pavement Management System), the street inventory (Road Index) and the sign inventory through the TCDI (Traffic Control Device Inventory).

The section prepares plans and specifications for Operations And Maintenance improvements and maintenance for many of the facilities mentioned previously. This section ensures that private and public developments conform to adopted County standards through comprehensive permit and plan review. The section also responds to request from Underground Service Alert (USA) for the locating of traffic signal conduit and loops for County maintained traffic signals. An inventory of the street lights is also maintained and the section responds to inquires regarding new street lights.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) qualifying projects within the County are processed through Engineering, and oversight of the County dams and any related issues regarding them are also handled by this section.